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Mäntyharju is an advanced rural community in Eastern Finland and a border parish of Savo. The boundary of three tribes, the Häme, Savo and Karelia peoples, is located in the municipality area. The current inhabitants of Mäntyharju are mainly of Savo lineage.

Due to its unique nature and high-quality central services, Mäntyharju’s cultural community offers great conditions for enterprise, living and leisure activities. Our first-class municipal services are produced through democratic decision-making in which great value is placed on the participation of the inhabitants.

Currently Mäntyharju has approximately 6,000 residents. In the summer, the services provided in the centre are in part like those of a town and satisfy the needs of both the inhabitants and visitors. The business centre has several banks, restaurants, an off-licence, health centre and diverse commercial services. Over 4,000 inhabitants live in the centre.

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The network of trails and routes connecting the centre of Mäntyharju to Repovesi National Parks offers many great ways to enjoy the nature and scenery along the ridges and forest lakes. More information on

Art Centre Salmela is one of Finland’s biggest summertime cultural events. One of the salient goals of Salmela’s activity is to preserve, enliven and take into use the cultural historically significant environment.
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Municipality of Mäntyharju
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52701 Mäntyharju
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Tourist Information
Summer Tourist Information (2020) at the Marketplace from thursday to saturday 10-15. During these hours you can also call for tourist information p. 040 640 2603.
Summer Tourist Information available at the marketplace to the end of August.